Kandi Burruss Slams Husband Todd Tucker On Vlog For Partying Only Days After They Welcomed Their Baby Girl!

Throughout a vlog in which the bride and groom discussed becoming new parents / guardians once more in most of the s, Kandi Burruss never hesitate to call them husband, Todd Tucker, information about for partying only a week after they welcomed little girl Blaze! The man shut off with Apollo Nida along with the Real Housewives of Suwanee star admitted that your woman was pissed off with that! It seems like Todd has used quite a handsoff process for parenting and Kandi isn’t a fan! In fact, she was so upset he s not more linked taking care of these bundle of joy that they suggested they should be present at marriage counseling sessions! The main vlog they posted YouTube channel was called Kandi and Todd Puppy Update and fans experienced really able to scrutinize the car rocky dynamic between the mother and father.

The infant was brought into this world on November via an actual surrogate and is the actual sister of yearold man Ace Wells, who Kandi and Todd share together again. Baby Blaze has two more halfsiblings, for the yearold Riley, who often is Kandi s daughter from the different relationship and yearold Kaela, who is Todd s daughter from michael’s previous relationship. If you wish to talk about what 1 ve been complaining within the past few days, it pissed me off, Proper! Like, seriously, I told him, we need to counseling because I’m not against the like you right now, Kandi shared in a person’s vlog, obviously upset.

Todd admitted that was in fact the case, adding she did say that the author didn t like my eyes. And that was not all! Kandi done nothing back, slamming the woman husband I felt similar to he was being egotistical. To me, we have a new baby, obviously when it ‘s time to do the late overnight hours, he just doesn’t try to chip within whatsoever. I have to try to to all late night business hours. Once again, like he did with Ace, this is where god pissed me off is often that he wanted to visit the club even she ain t a week old yet! Four nights in a line!

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