Doc Johnson Beginner’s Soft Jelly Butt Plug

The Doc Johnson Beginner’s Soft Jelly Butt Plug Will Effectively Train you into the World of Anal Play
? Made from Sil-a-Gel material that is antibacterial
? Large base that prevents too deep penetration
? Designed to give intensified pleasures
If you are a beginner in this amazing world of anal sex, then this plug will help you train your ass to accommodate much stretching over time. The probe is made from a flexible anti-bacterial Sil-a-gel material. For easy insertion and maximum pleasures, use your favorite water based lube. With this plug, it will help you boost your confidence for anal sex. It has a larger base that prevents too deep penetration and which Striped and Patterned Stockings allows you to control the movement of the plug
The Doc Johnson Beginner’s soft jelly Butt Plug is designed to stimulate every nerve ending in your anal canal giving you extensive pleasures and multiple orgasms. The pink transparent material used to make this plug is smooth, and its jelly like appearances makes it even more appealing.
Do not underestimate the small size of this plug since it is designed to stimulate your p-spot giving intensified stimulations. It small size makes it compatible to carry along as you go on a trip or vacation to utilize its pleasures wherever you go. If you are new to the anal play world this is one of the toys you don’t want to miss as part of your training toys.
After every use ensure to clean the toy with warm soapy water. This will help maintain the material of the toy and still observe hygiene.